21 thoughts on “Faith Channel

    1. Thank you pastor sir for sharing this message. Thank you for abundance of grace I make a choice to have a God kind of faith. Thank you that I’m not ignorant about faith anymore. The burden has been removed. No complaints, suffering and from henceforth l live in divine prosperity, divine health I shall never lake my mind is renewed i am a winner woo.

  1. Thank you pastor I have been blessed with these messages what a privilege to hear the word of God through our father in the lord, love you.

  2. gloryyyyyyy ! I am blessed, I am blessed, I have total salvation full of grace and glory , look at me I am the glory of God.

    Thank you Pastor we are a winner Team all over the world through the power of the Holy Spirit.

    God bless you !

  3. This has blessed me so. My walk of faith will never be the same! I have started putting to word and I possess the results!!! Glory to God! I love you Pastor, you are such a blessing. I thank God for you and this wonderful platform you have made available to us so that we are able to access the Word anytime and anywhere!!!

  4. I Heard A Message From Pastor Ben Okafor From C E N How To Invoke De Power Of Power Of God. Since I Heard De Sermon My Life Have Changed Automatically Hallelujah.

  5. I’m so thankful to God to one of the BLW nation .Thank pastor sir for allowing God’s calling in you .I’m running with the vision this year like never before spreading the word pastor!!!! Im so excited in my spirit, unstoppable to expand the glory of the Kingdom of our master .So thankfull and greatfull yo God for using you to align us spread the Gospel through all the platform you have open for us !!! Thank you pastor Sir giving us this opportunity to spread the good news to the north, east ,south and west!!! Hallelujah!

  6. Praise God, I am so blessed by the word of God from our dear Pastor I feel renewed and reawakened by the spirit, I love you pastor.

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