Impact 5B


The Impact 5B Campaign is our opportunity to restore hope, build faith and take salvation to billions in the midst of the pandemic, suffering and fear through the transmission of Pastor Chris Teaching on Radio.

Why the 5B Campaign?

Radio still remains the medium that reaches the widest audience in the world and we are ceasing this tool to publish faith, amplify truth and be the voice of hope in different nations of the world.

Why you should join the 5B Campaign?

The teaching of our dear man of God, Pastor Chris on Radio has brought billions to the light of God’s word resulting to testimonies of healing, increase, salvation and restoration and NOW let’s move faster together to take this same massage to billions around the world as the need for hope and faith is urgent. Be the voice of hope today!!!

How to participate in the 5B Campaign

Sponsor Pastor Chris Teaching on Radio Daily
1Min - ₦1000/$3
5Mins - ₦5000/$15
10Mins - ₦10000/$30
15Mins - #15,000/$45
30Mins - ₦30000/$90
45Mins - ₦45000/$135
1Hour - ₦60000/$180
To participate kindly use the link below

Impact Report