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Comments From Listeners

name=1 afghanistan|middle east 29-03-2016
Pastor Osagie Nigeria|Africa 22-10-2014
Happy Birthday sir ,you are so loved and appreciated
Sis Briggs Nigeria|Africa 22-10-2014
Happy Birthday Sir. You an an Icon of God\'s Grace. Our very own father in Zone too much money. We love you
Bro Paul Ekuerre Nigeria|Africa 22-10-2014
Happy Birthday to my too much ZeZe Pastor.Pastor Emeka Eze.More Grace to you Sir.
JIBUNOH, EMMY Nigeria|Africa 22-10-2014
My foundation school teacher. Happy birthday. God bless you
enajemo patrick Nigeria|Africa 22-10-2014
Happy birth day pastor you are grace with month of supernatural help.God bless you.
Sis Ngozi Uzowulu Nigeria|Africa 22-10-2014
Happy birthday Pastor Sir. You are the BEST and I love you dearly Sir
Louis Owen Canada|NorthAmerica 28-01-2014
Thank You pastor Lanre for your love of God. Thank you for teaching us on how to make progress in our lives everyday.
Ogbonnaya Ndubueze Rwanda|Africa 28-01-2014
The word of God is always fresh and ever sweet in the mouth of Pastor Lanre. I so much like the level of simplicity he gives the word of God. Thank you Pastor.
Vixis Elas Burundi|Africa 28-01-2014
Blessed be God. The word of God that I daily listen to on this channel has built me up so much, it has strengthened my faith. Thank You Pastor Lanre and thanks to our man of God Pastor Chris for this great opportunity.
Sarah Warner Germany|Europe 28-01-2014
Praise God for Loveworld Radio. I am daily blessed by Pastor Chris' messages. Thank you Sir for this opportunity to hear the word of God daily.
Julian Fernandes Barros Brazil|SouthAmerica 28-01-2014
Wow! I might not be there in Nigeria but Listening to Pastor Lanre from Brazil is like being in church service wit him. Glory to God!

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