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Pastor Marcel Obode

Service Days:Sundays & Wednesdays
Service Time:9:00am & 6:30pm
Service Venue:Christ Embassy Calabar


Live Service

Living Springs : We have the livingsprings of Godís Word on our inside. We bless the world with the bubbling on our insides, the world feels Godís love through us. Join Pastor Marcel Obode to learn more on the program; Livingsprings

Comments From Listeners

Sandra Congo|Africa 02-06-2016
Living springs - Glory to God!
Sis Anita Lawal Nigeria|Africa 19-05-2016
Thank you pastor on the message the gifts of the Spirit. An exposeť on gifts.I have a greater understanding now.
Ajun James Nigeria|Africa 08-02-2016
I have a willing heart,
Glory to God.
Thank you Pastor
Adejo Mathew Nigeria|Africa 31-12-2015
Am so blessed with your teaching and my spirit is filled with it. thank you pastor. love you
Gabriel Nigeria|Africa 05-11-2015
A message full of the spirit, I\'m so bless. thank u pastor
darlington nyoka Zimbabwe|Africa 13-04-2015
darlington nyoka Zimbabwe|Africa 10-04-2015
Ani lawrencia Nigeria|Africa 27-03-2014
pastor, thank you for teaching me the right word to use, when it seems all home is gone, something keep telling me to apply those word int that situation. indeed it works! the word works.
ruth dwaba UK|Europe 16-03-2014
thank pastor for teaching us the word.I have learned how important it is to be grounded in the word, it is so wonderful to live by it making it the centre of everything you do. It is so powerful, glory be to God . Thank you for this radio ministry. May God continue to expand your wings.amen
Lisa Bryant USA|NorthAmerica 31-01-2014
I have been tremendously blessed,indeed prayer changes things.thank you Pastor.
Tony lucas Spain|Europe 31-01-2014
I have been lifted above life's circumstances,and I'm stronger now.God bless you Pastor.
laura dalton UK|Europe 31-01-2014
Hallelujah!! I see things better now,thank you Pastor for revealing such deep truths.
Ray jones Greece|Europe 31-01-2014
This is amazing...I have been greatly refreshed.

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