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Comments From Listeners

agwigou Argentina|SouthAmerica 29-03-2017
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afewewexih Turkey|Europe 29-03-2017
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GlZEkty4lnEj Czech Republic|Europe 24-07-2016
Articles like these put the consumer in the driver seat-very imrttpano.
King Jonah Nigeria|Africa 27-06-2016
Thank you Pastor Sir for this great message
Sandra Congo|Africa 24-05-2016
Winning everyday, glory to God!
Excee Ghana|Africa 09-02-2016

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Bongi Bright South Africa|Africa 20-12-2015
Thank you Pastor Sir for training us to winning everyday with the word of truth , I love u sir
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#cape town
Tshwaragano Monomana Botswana|Africa 16-10-2015
WOW!!! i am inspired thank you so much Pastor Siji.... i love you.
Andrea Williams Canada|NorthAmerica 09-08-2015
This message \"Your Next Level of Success\" is quite inspiring. I\'m a success in Jesus name! Thank you so much Pastor Siji Dara.
PjDdN1siBAW6 Czech Republic|Europe 08-05-2015
THX that\'s a great anewrs!
3ZQs47EZnnn Czech Republic|Europe 07-05-2015
This is one of those things that can seem so mudnane but is in fact central to growing in spiritual maturity. Learning how to let go of worry or even just trust in God\'s faithfulness despite your worries is something that takes daily practice. I think it can be particularly hard for young adults as they find something new to worry about in every transition, and those times of change come fast and furious. Finding a Christian community that can support you and help guide you through a time of worry is crucial.
shalom Finland|Europe 22-12-2014
thank you pastor sir for sharing profound statements with us we are champions for life
Cecilia Muchechesi Zimbabwe|Africa 06-12-2014
Christ is my source, supply and sustainance
Jean Ireland|Europe 03-11-2014
I\'m a par taker of God\'s Divine Nature hallelujah
Anwi Sonnita Cameroon|Africa 30-05-2014
pastor im Blessed by your message on \"Making Wise Choices\"and i have learned how to go about making wise choices.God Bless you pastor for such a word from the Throne.
Samuel Osa Enoma Nigeria|Africa 15-02-2014
What a time of refreshing this is. Thank you so much Pastor.
L Obi UK|Europe 31-01-2014
Glory be to God!!!
Thank you sir. Amen we are the solution to those who wants to commit suicide. God bless you.
Rebecca udeme Gambia|Africa 31-01-2014
Words like this chart the course of your life forever...am winning on all sides
Robert umali Ghana|Africa 31-01-2014
I have been supernaturally charged up by these great words from the man of God, thank you so much Pastor.
Sarah claire USA|NorthAmerica 29-01-2014
i feel refreshed my mind has been renewed towards life\'s issues.thank you pastor,you rock!!

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