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Comments From Listeners

Charmaine Chivandire Zimbabwe|Africa 01-04-2017
Thank you Pastor Sir for sharing these precious words of the Spirit. I\'m tremendously blessed by them.
Ruth Ngulube Zimbabwe|Africa 19-03-2017
I am so blessed...thank you Pst Biodun. I love you dearly Sir.#cewaterfalls #cesazone5
Vimbai Mark Zimbabwe|Africa 08-12-2016
I am so blessed with the message titled. "Stewards of Mysteries". My life has been upgraded. Thank you Pastor Biodun Lawal, you are such a blessing
Samuel Bentum Ghana|Africa 06-10-2016
Its great to learn from you sir!
Tracy Nigeria|Africa 16-08-2016
I can\'t stop listening to the message \"Encourage yourself\" It is God\'s word in season for me at this point in my life. God bless you Pastor Biodun!
Evelyn Mburu USA|NorthAmerica 01-08-2016
Also I\'d appreciate you posting another series I heard quite a while ago titled : The Harvest is Plentious by Biodun Lawal, I believe.
Evelyn Mburu USA|NorthAmerica 01-08-2016
I\'m blessed beyond measure. Can you please post the complete series by Biodun Lawal titled :He Giveth More Grace. Thank you for your kindness in doing so.
Anderson Zambia|Africa 30-06-2016
Amen. Thank you Pastor Sir.. I am chosen of God. Hallelujah!!
Jerry adams Ghana|Africa 22-06-2016
excellent and full of glory....thank you pastor for the word of god and the inspiration that you inspires in me gloriously. I am forever grateful pastor Sir
Luisa Namibia|Africa 15-05-2016
I can still hear your voice in my head from the 8 days of Glory 2016
yomi MICHAELS France|Europe 26-04-2016
Oh hallelujah,I am stired in the spirit.heard so much about you sir,and I connect to your source.your msg established me.God bless you more and more in mighty JESUS namelove you sir
Rex Orioko USA|NorthAmerica 05-02-2016
Thank you guys soooooooo much, i have been looking for our ministry pastors messages and was directed here by your link on Kingschat, thank you so much for this platform
susan sipokazi South Africa|Africa 02-02-2016
oh woow!!!
Love world Internet Radio, thank you so much. I did not know that there was this platform to listen to all my pastors. I have been searching and searching for their teachings. As I start listening to each and everyone of my Pastor I know my love will never be the same. #I'm spreading
nsimbi richard Uganda|Africa 25-11-2015
wow wow wow....am really blessed by the preachn. i luv u pastor Biodun
Bolaji Akpuluma Nigeria|Africa 18-09-2015
Pastor Sir, am so so blessed listening to your message. Am indeed born of God. CEC BAYELSA
amissah emmanuel Ghana|Africa 28-08-2015
thank you pastor Bidoun lawal for this glorious message for i am overcoming the world
achievers 3 pcf
MariaDivine Namibia|Africa 14-08-2015
I am highly encouraged to encourage myself, thank you pastor for this strengthening and encouraging message!
luisa Namibia|Africa 11-08-2015
Oh, Thank you Pastor.. I will continue to Encourage myself in the Lord.
Edmore Veremu Zimbabwe|Africa 10-08-2015
I am encouraging myself in the Lord!

Thanks a million for this message.
Blessing Nemadziva South Africa|Africa 29-07-2015
Thank you Pastor for expounding the word to us, Im proping myself up in the Lord!!
Ali-Talishi Shitenda Namibia|Africa 12-06-2015
Wow!! Soo excited !
Samuel Bentum Ghana|Africa 24-05-2015
Great message from a great minister of God. God bless you sir.
FREDERICK ISRAEL Ghana|Africa 23-04-2015
Thank you Pastor you\'ve just reminder me of this service, it is as powerful today as it was then. I called this the awesomeness of the spirit of God. I love you Pastor and God bless you.
Darlington Nyoka Zimbabwe|Africa 13-04-2015
Pastor you are such a blessing to the WHOLE BODY OF Christ.
darlington nyoka Zimbabwe|Africa 13-04-2015
pastor you are such a blessing to the WHOLE BODY OF christ
Comfort Mante USA|NorthAmerica 19-02-2015
Thank you Pastor Biodun Sir. Listening to you constantly on this channel impacts so much into my spirit with great lessons. I am the blessed in everyway and I can only trace this to the awesome grace and ability of God from words spoken and received from you. Thank you Sir.
Richard Olajide Sogbe Ghana|Africa 13-02-2015
I will keep on announcing my victory in Christ Jesus. Glory! Thank you pastor
Noah Addo Ghana|Africa 03-02-2015
Thank you so much sir for the message \"you must encourage yourself\" Its lifted me up so mightily. God bless you sir
Mathew Tofu Ghana|Africa 02-01-2015
Thank you soo much sir for all this beautiful message we are soo blessed.
Samuel Bentum Ghana|Africa 21-12-2014
God bless sir for teaching me...
Thomas yaw fah inkoom Thailand|Asia 06-12-2014
Thank u pastor for this wonderful words am so blessed!!! Miss u sir very soon I will be back home
Nompumelelo South Africa|Africa 01-12-2014
Thank you so much Pastor , I arise and shine ....I can never miss your teaching Sir because it has changed my life.
SAMUEL ATO KUMI Ghana|Africa 27-11-2014
Pastor Winner Ghana|Africa 18-11-2014
Thank you sir for teaching me the way, the truth and to live the life set by God for me I love you dearly
Samuel Edward Koranteng Ghana|Africa 16-10-2014
Thank you Pastor. You are most wonderful.
GEORGE MAWULI ADINYIRA Ghana|Africa 24-09-2014
Thank you Pastor Sir for giving me this platform. Great teachings I have received from you. It is an honour. Thank you Pastor Sir.
Mikhail Dotse Ghana|Africa 19-08-2014
Thank you Pastor. My understanding of the heavenly vision have been enlightened. I am grateful.
BRO.KINGSLEY Nigeria|Africa 23-07-2014
HANNAH SAMPSON Nigeria|Africa 02-07-2014
⌣̶̵̵̭̭̌̌✽̤̈̊ŧђɑ̤̥̈̊п̥̥̲̣̣̣kƨ̣̣̣̇̇̇̇✽̵̵̶̤̭̭̈̊̌̌ to our man of God (Rev Chris) for giving our pastors privilege to also minister on the air waves!!! ⌣̶̵̵̭̭̌̌✽̤̈̊ŧђɑ̤̥̈̊п̥̥̲̣̣̣kƨ̣̣̣̇̇̇̇✽̵̵̶̤̭̭̈̊̌̌ to pastor Biodun for your Teaching, it has really taught me a lot more esPecially the power to Encourage myself has being inundated in me!!!! I LUV Y̶̲̥̅̊o̶̲̥̅̊и̣̣̣̣̥ PASTOR!!!!!! CEC BAYELSA!!!!
kingsteve Germany|Europe 16-06-2014
Thank you Pastor for the word. I will keep on encouraging my self in every challenges I face knowing that in all these things I am more than a conqueror. God bless you Sir. Christ Embassy Cologne
Anwi Sonnita Cameroon|Africa 30-05-2014
pastor words alone cannot describe what your 4 messages of \"you must Encourage yourself\".has just change my life,my worst enemy was fear,but after learning alot about all the different challenges these great servants of God went through,and how they got back on track,that spirit of fear instantly left me.Glory be to God.circumstances shall no longer detect my place as a child of God.Amen
Anwi Sonnita Cameroon|Africa 30-05-2014
Pastor im so Blessed by your preaching.thank you for making me know my authority over satan,honestly pastor i needed this Word to put satan in his place.now i have every situation concerning my life that is not moving,to adjust in Jesus Name.fear shall no longer dominate my place in the Word of God.thank you so much pastor for this Word from the Throne.
Selassie Netherlands|Europe 13-05-2014
Oh how i miss my Pastor.....Love you Pastor Biodun. these massages made me who i am.!!!
sammy Ghana|Africa 05-05-2014
so deep and inspiring... thank you sir
Molly UK|Europe 02-05-2014
Thank you Sir, Rev Chris for the opportunity to hear our mighty men of God on this platform, our lives will never remain the same. Thank Pastor Biodun Sir, for the glorious message, i have been encoraged and enlightened.
Pst sandra twumasi Ghana|Africa 30-04-2014
thank you so much sir for the investment through your word. i have been uplifted and catapulted to a different level of Grace and glory. thank you sir
Arefo isabu Nigeria|Africa 24-04-2014
Thank you so much Pastor Biodun my life has been transformed by the Mesage .My spirit is alive
Etty Nigeria|Africa 24-04-2014
Thank you Pastor Biodun, I am obedient to the heavenly vision. Many answers to my questions have been taken care of by this series.
Etty Nigeria|Africa 19-04-2014
Thank you Pastor Biodun, these words have caused me to move higher to a new and higher level. I have been transported by them to a new height in the Spirit- I have grown up more! Glorooorry!
solomon amissah Ghana|Africa 17-04-2014
i love you sir
Dcns Angela Okugo Ghana|Africa 10-04-2014
Thank you Pastor Biodun for this wonderful message. Indeed I can boldly say that I am fruitful and I multiply. Glory to God. Thank you Sir.
kabuki Ocansey USA|NorthAmerica 06-04-2014
Thank you my Pastor, I am so happy l can tune in to listen to you anywhere.I am marvelously blessed.
samuel bentum Ghana|Africa 28-03-2014
thank you sir for the message
samuel bentum Ghana|Africa 28-03-2014
thank you sir for the message
Pastor Peter UK|Europe 24-03-2014
Thank you lord for ministering to my spirit through this inspiring man of God:Pastor Biodun Lawal - a Son of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome PhD
Edna Appiah Ghana|Africa 13-02-2014
Wow!!! what a way to listen to my Zonal Pastor on the go. Am so happy. I want to thank our Man of God, Pastor Chris for this new way to listen to Gods word.
Pst Austin Appiah Ghana|Africa 13-02-2014
Thank you Pastor Sir for the opportunity to listen to you on loveworld internet radio, am so blessed by the messages and can listen to it over and over again. Thank you
Eleazar Ntem Ghana|Africa 08-02-2014
Thank you sir. You alway give me hope for the future. Am eternally grateful
Leonardo Thompson Greece|Europe 28-01-2014
Thank you Pastor Biodun Lawal for this powerful teaching.I will influence my world greatly
Ethan johnson South Africa|Africa 28-01-2014
wow!! this is awesome I have been tremendously blessed and inspired.Thank you Pastor Biodun Lawal.
Markus Nadel Italy|Europe 28-01-2014
Thank you very much pastor Biodun Lawal. I appreciate the word of God coming to me through your channel, and thank you to our GREAT man of God who has create this platform for the word of God to be preached all around the world without boundaries. Thank You Sir.
David Kuster Algeria|Africa 28-01-2014
Thank you very much Sir for preaching the word of God that has birthed faith in me.
Kwame Samson Ghana|Africa 28-01-2014
Thank you so much Pastor Chris for giving LoveWorld Radio to the world. we are definitely dominating the world with gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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